Air Duct Cleaning

air-duct-cleaningAir duct cleaning rids your home or business of the dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, mold spores and dust mites that can accumulate in your ventilation system. You should notice a dramatic improvement in you air quality as we eliminate the harmful allergens that can be detrimental to your health.

We are thoroughly trained and certified in the proper ventilation cleaning techniques for Arkansas? commercial and residential structures. We carefully inspect your ventilation system to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and the harmful allergens thriving in your HVAC system have been removed.

What to expect from the Air Duct Cleaners USA professional and courteous customer service

  • Appointments are prompt and scheduled in advance
  • No dust or dirt left behind in any vent
  • Vent registers and grill are cleaned
  • Supply and return ductwork is mechanically cleaned with Air Duct Cleaners USA’s modern high-powered hoses and agitating devices for removing contaminants from ducts
  • High-powered vacuum unit is used to remove dust, pollen and other contaminants
  • Allergens and contaminants such as dust, mold, fungus, bacteria, pet dander and dust mites are removed from the system and captured in our vacuum unit.
  • Systems and filters are evaluated for performances and recommendations are provided to the customer

Contact Air Duct Cleaners USA for your free estimate today!? We offer competitive pricing and top-notch workmanship.